Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I know I mentioned that we were waiting on our Adoption Assistance to be sent a while back. It still isn't here! Everyone is pointing their finger at the kids' CW for not doing the original paperwork correctly and then failing to send it to the regional office for filing. Fine, but where does that leave us? Waiting for a check that may or may not have been written for June, July, August, and soon to be September. We can easily afford Emma but adding a sibling group of 6 added a financial burden that we can't maintain for long and on top of that b/c they didn't mention a delay would happen once we signed so we didn't save up for it. Instead we over extended ourselves in a new house in need of lots of repair and school starting. Shame on us for trying to provide a better house and life for all of us.

The latest on this is the Regional Adoption Coordinator (RAC) is investigating where the correct paperwork is. She emailed the kids' CW on Friday and has not updated us yet. I hate to tell them off b/c they are the ones in charge of getting us our money but I am livid. Everything has gotten behind now and we are in a pickle. I need that check this week! Somehow I do not htink my screaming that will help. I am trying to be patient but I am now calling my poor SW every pother day to see if she knows anything. My DH is freaking out b/c his new position only pays him monthly now so we are really in trouble. Once they fix this it should not be a problem again, it is just getting it started.


Innocent Observer said...

Welcome to the world of foster care. The real motto is not shame on you for overextending yourselves, but "shame on you for believing us when we said we would (DO ANYTHING!) send money"!

Tudu said...

LOL That is the truth. Maybe we should have that printed up for them.

musemoon said...

Oooh boy do I get the money drama. Here's hoping that this is resovlved VERY SOON and that, you get an extra surprise...more money somewhere :-) (cross fingers, hope hope hope) Also when your adoption goes through, I think you will get 60K in adoption tax credit...FUN!