Monday, August 27, 2007

Poor Girl

Emma had a friend spend the night for the first time. It was actually the first time for anyone except family to spend the night with any of my kids. It was a real eye opener, let me tell you. A lot of my kids wear pull ups at night due to their past abuse and possibly the smallest bladders in the world. We have made them feel good enough about them that they completely forgot every thing I said when I asked them to change for bed. That part is not unusual (forgetting every thing I said part) but them coming down in just their pull ups was a bit uncomfortable for the girl. They were prancing around in them when she came out of the bathroom and was shocked to see so many big kids nearly naked. Coming from a small household she was already overwhelmed but holding it together. She was completely confused why they had them on and my kids started telling her that they wet their beds every night and they wear them b/c I make them do laundry. What? She just couldn't wrap her mind around the laundry and bedwetting thing, how did they go together? I heard her asking Emma if it was like this all the time in here and Em told her, "No, they are just being good for you."

Poor girl barely ate a thing. She is extremely picky with food which is not something we an issue with anymore. My kids were shocked that she would just throw food away instead of giving it to them and she couldn't believe they wanted her food. She is used to getting what she wants to eat for each meal. This was like stepping into The Twilight Zone for her. She said it was fun and wanted to come back but I would love to be a fly on the wall at her house when they ask her how it was.


Innocent Observer said...

Only child? My daughter has an only child friend. She doesn't like to spend much time here and usually transfers the party to her house where there is no limit to the making of special meals. I feel bad for her when she comes over here too because it's such culture shock. My daughter of course much prefers to head to the friend's house too.

Torina said...

Great post. I love it. Dang "normal" people for making us seem like we are weird :) When you are around families with bio children, don't they seem bizarre because their kids AREN'T running around with pullups? I marvel over this all the time. Especially when these "normal" people complain about how difficult their kid is being about such and such. HAH! It's like rich people complaining about having too much money. --Torina