Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where is a camera when you need one. I went upstairs to wake up my DH for breakfast and noticed when he got up to go find shorts to put on that he had his cell phone already clipped to his underwear. I swear that man is so dedicated to his job that he actually slept with the cell phone. I did tell him that most folks put it by the bed.

The other day my son had to be taken to his room b/c he had gotten so out of control. While on the steps he decided to try to kick me down them. I barely caught myself and ended up landing on my right foot and right hand wrong and I think I may have fractured them both. I will be going for X-rays today after putting it off thinking it would get better. He apologized but it did not feel genuine. I think it made him feel powerful and I am going to beg not to wear a cast so it doesn't add to that power.


Lorie said...

Oh sweetie....he is being such a poohead these days. I am so sorry. I don't even have anything funny to say. It sucks to have a fracture.

Sending love to you and your beautiful son.

Mongoose said...

See, that's why I worry about you. :( And about him.