Thursday, July 19, 2007

My medication situation is getting better. Well, I think it is, I really don't remember. LOL I have been waiting to be in bed to take it and my DH says I am staying there.

Kids are playing school today. All day. Well, in between fighting that is.

The doctor increases my son's Risperdal and we go back on Monday to discuss the girls. He has gained 2 lbs in a month, WOW. He was only 40 lbs to begin with so we will be watching that. I am concerned about A's reaction to Prozac. She has become very difficult to deal with in terms of her not following directions, paying attention, and doing some pretty unsafe things. I did mention it to the doctor the other day and she was concerned.

My kitchen counters are coming along. They are gorgeous and when I can I am so gonna post a picture so everyone can be jealous! My DH has so much talent in building things and fixing things. I am so lucky I decided to keep him. LOL

I sent a letter today to a dear childhood friend of ours. We recently found out he plead guilty to pending charges and received 2 life sentences plus 20 years. He has spent the last year and a half or so in jail waiting on this to go to court. We have been friends since I was 10 years old and worked for my DH for years as an adult. We all could have ended up where he is had my DH and I chose to continue the path we were on in our teens. It is so upsetting to realize he did not chose to better himself and watch him struggle with a Meth addiction in his 30s. His girlfriend has ended up in jail now, too. They are losing their kids to fostercare b/c their family refused to continue caring for the kids long term. I know he deserves to be where he is but every time I think about the cycle of his life I wonder what could have been done to save him from the same destiny as his Father.

We have finally bought a new bed for our little Mia. She is here so much more than she is at her Mom's house so she needed one. She had been sleeping in a sleeping bag and she loved it. When she saw the princess bed she screamed and asked to go to bed at 6PM. Really cute kid!

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