Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We are Going to Disney World

The kids' CW came today. She is a nice lady but way overworked. She forgot the forms we need to fill out to have our Adoption Assistance start. We have gone a couple of months now waiting for it to start since we signed the Adoptive Placement papers. She assured us that it would be retroactive and should begin the first week of August! I am thrilled, if she is correct. Unfortunately, being correct is not her strong suit. We decided tonight that since we have made it w/o the AA, by the skin of our teeth, we would use the extra money to visit Disney World again this Thanksgiving. Talk about fun! Anyone else want to meet up there? Come on, we get passes to go up the exits so there are no lines.

BB, we would love to pick you up at the airport and the villa has a private pool and jacuzzi.


Mongoose said...

Cool. :)

I'd go, but I can't. I hope y'all have a good trip. :)

Innocent Observer said...

If I had the money, and could get permission to take the kids (so far we haven't been able to!) I would so join you in a HEARTBEAT! I'm so jealous. Going to Orlando is my ultimate escape. I go there in my head often! hehe

musemoon said...

oooh ooooh ooohh...I wanna go. Let's hope and pray I make a bunch o' money by then.

That would be fun.