Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Brother In Law

I have had 2 of my nieces all week, they are 3 and 8. Their parents divorced last year b/c their Father had developed an addiction to Meth and their Mom found it when unpacking his suitcase from a business trip. Of course, there is more to it but that was the begining of the end. He has not paid child support or had any regular contact with his 3 girls over the last 2 years. With that said, he claims he has been clean for a couple of months (still no calls to his kids until this week) and is on antidepressants. He called my sister and requested an overnight visit. She wants the kids to see their Dad but doesn't trust him. I volunteered to supervise the visits at my house while they were here this week. He has excuses for Sunday and Monday. Tuesday he showed up a hour before they had to go to bed and wanted to take them to ice cream and then claimed his Mother was locked out of her house (he had her car and she was at home when he left) so the kids needed to leave with him to let her in. I refused b/c they were already up past bedtime and would just sleep the entire ride. Then he PROMISED to return the next morning to stay all day. Never came. Thursday he kept calling with excuses and promises but didn't show. Friday he calls at 11AM, 4 hours into our day and said he didn't have a ride. It was my dd's Bday and I had things to do so I couldn't. He showed up last night after 9PM and ended up sleeping on our couch disappearing without a goodbye to the kids. I am so disappointed in the man that was my brother for 12 years. Drugs or not he has let his kids down over and over, the girls are more than willing to love him no matter how bad he disappoints them.

My kids see how horrible this has been on their cousins and some of them are comparing their parents to him. All the promises and let downs are familiar. I think it will help launch a few discussions and maybe a break through for some.

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