Monday, July 23, 2007

The P Doctor and a Couple of CWs

We went to the pshychiatrist this AM for P, D, and A. She decided to take A off the Prozac b/c all her irritating little habits have been amplified. We are not sure if it is the drug or the stress they are all under with the move, new school, and adoption but better to take her off the medicine than beat her. (I wouldn't beat her but I sure understand the want to.) She is getting about 25 time outs a day for various things like stealing and breaking things that belong to her siblings, refusing to stop jacking around, flushing things down the toilet, hitting, etc. All are minor infractions but there are so many. The minute she s out of sight you can guarantee she is up to something. SHe has also complained it is hard to think. I am not sure if she will start another drug next month or not. I hope the daily crying doesn't come back but I am pretty sure it will. Oh goody!

My agency CW came out today. The CW we have had all along has left and will begin a teaching job soon. Our new one is Katie and she is the same worker we trained with so it is nice not to have a stranger. The kids are out of control when she is here. Most have overcome theri need to hump a stranger's leg but 2 were inappropriately behaved today. They treied to tickle the intern with our CW within a minute of my departure from the room. The rest were wrestling on the floor and one ogt hurt. I teased Katie that it happened under her supervision. I must admit it is disapointing to know they still need me to be right there in order to be safe with strangers. They are getting better, no humping.

The kids' CW will be coming tomorrow. Now that is gonna be fun. She makes me nervous. She upsets the kids b/c she is a reminder they are still in fostercare. I fully anticipate several meltdowns the rest of the afternoon. If these kids are good at one thing it would be tantrums. They last for hours and hours. They will wear themselves out before coming out of their rooms for air. It is very impressive and sad at the same time.

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