Monday, July 12, 2010

A Great Day

We spent a good part of the day at The Children's Museum. They had a ball. Peyton wouldn't let Rosa drag him away from the ball section. He threw a major fit with screaming and kicking. I took pictures of him. LOL It was too funny watching poor Rosa try to politely and gently bring him back to the rest of the kids. Not gonna happen.

They drove tractors, planted and picked veggies, made all kinds of stuff out of moon sand, threw moon sand, threw balls, ran like their butts were on fire, showed their butt crack to the entire place, slid on the slide, dressed up, tap danced, listened to a story, made electricity to turn on a light and a fan, and checked out every stall in the restroom.

We came home to have Banana Splits for dinner. Before you go thinking, "How can she serve her children ice cream for dinner? She's a terrible mom." Think about it this way, the ice cream, whip cream, and chocolate sauce has calcium, the bananas, pineapple sauce are fruit, the crumbled cookies provide our starch, and the nuts are full of protein. It was a well rounded meal. The new kids called their Granny to tell her all about their dinner. She giggled the entire time. It was a good day.


MomInTheTrench said...

It sounds like a beautiful day. What a blessing!

Kate said...

No Patches and Ruthie? Hope they are okay. So glad you all had a great day

Tudu said...

Patches and Emma are at my MIL's. Ruthie can't handle being out in public right now.