Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

The G Gma came this morning and brought all their things, including their BC, SSC, IEP, Psychologicals, and school records. She stayed for hours and had lunch with us. I'm so glad she will continue to be a part of our family.

This afternoon, the SW came to inspect us. She was very pleasant. A really nice lady. She had only one concern, our state requires any foster child that has been sexually abused must have their own room. OK, that is great in theory but impossible here. I explained most of our children have been sexually abused and we had a safety plan in place to keep everyone safe. This nice lady that has been doing home studies for new families wanting to foster or foster to adopt just about fell over when I explained what they were. She kind of sputtered and said she would talk to her supervisor but she couldn't promise anything.

I took her on her tour of the house and pointed out all of our safety devices and she personally witnessed how it all works. She was surprised to find the bedrooms doors all locked so the children can't get in them and nearly giggled when the alarms went off letting the entire house know we were going in their room. She knocked on one of the bathroom doors and a kid informed her no one can be in the bathroom if the light is off and the door in unlocked. Again, a slight giggle. She liked the play room and saw the TV with the video monitor flashing all the rooms with cameras on, she paused and watched. I showed her how the entire available upstairs was not only caught by the different cameras but also recording them with sound. My son asked to run downstairs to grab his toy, I gave my permission and he began counting REALLY loud while running to get it. I didn't notice because I'm used to it but she asked why. I explained it keeps their mind actively engaged, they can't have a secret conversation or act, and I can tell by their voice exactly where they are. She was impressed.

In the end, she compared us to a therapeutic group home and praised us for our knowledge for caring for such high needs children. She told me she would call their SW on her way to her next appointment and see about getting them enrolled in school. I think it means we passed. I am only concerned because of her original statement about Michael having his own room. We offered to build a room this weekend, if needed. Not that we can afford it but would if we had to.

I contacted there SW and she was surprised about the room arrangement issue. She agreed to go ahead and send me the paperwork to enroll them the moment she spoke to her. I still haven't received it and just found out their office is closed on Fridays. This means the kids will miss the first morning of school, at least.


Integrity Singer said...

girlfriend - you are amazing.

Angela :-) said...

Wow! I'm going to try to call you to get the lowdown on these safety measures. Would this weekend work, or should I wait until next week when your kiddos are in school?

Angela :-)

Tudu said...

Call me next week when I can hear. LOL Actually, the darn toddlers will still be here so I'll still be running like crazy.

ania said...

"In the end, she compared us to a therapeutic group home and praised us for our knowledge for caring for such high needs children."

Fantastic parallel.