Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bad Dentist

I took the youngest to the dentist only to leave before they did any more damage to him. They wanted to strap him down without me back there. He was terrified. I made him an appointment with a doctor that will take his time, allow me back there, and try to make it as pleasant as possible. He is going to need extensive work. At least 4 teeth are rotten.

I spoke to our county Resource Development person today at DFCS. SHe faxed me tons of paperwork to get started and we'll be getting our fingerprints done again on the 15th. She seemed really nice and was excited to take our case personally so she could get a look into the house. She has always been curious about it. LOL I've been working like crazy still trying to unpack.

The oldest boy is back here. He informed me that he was going to try us out and if he doesn't like it, he will just not be adopted and live with his Granny. He has had his heart broken by another couple that promised to adopt them but ever did.

Emma is visiting her Mother for the week. SHe has manged to get her first bee sting and in the face. Today she was caught jumping on the sofa and chipped her front tooth. I keep trying to tell her Mother a few dings and bruises are fine just bring her back with all her parts. I'm beginning to think I need to rephrase that. LOL I'm really not mad, Nikki.


Innocent Observer said...

With all her parts still firmly attached! :P

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

The dentist is a bad "traumatizing" event for my youngest youngin'. I know exactly what you are going through in that respect.

Kikilia said...

It took me forever to find a dentist that would "allow" me to be present when my daughter was treated. She needed a baby root canal at 3 (out patient surgery)-- but had visits before that.

I always asked- what makes you think I'm leaving my toddler alone with a stranger?

You don't send kids in alone at the doctor- why dentists think they are any different is beyond me.

So glad you left before this guy could do any more damage. What an idiot!