Monday, September 29, 2008

MIssing for about 30 Minutes

Patches is on the track team at school. She stays after on Mondays and wears her special uniform to let everyone know she is on the team. I went to the school early to pick up Michael and Ella b/c both insisted they couldn't be dropped off here b/c I locked them out. I did not. The poor driver took these innocent abandoned children back to the school and that is why I went there early hoping to check her out in action. One problem, she wasn't there. They had no idea where she was or why she wasn't at practice. After some frantic behavior on my part it was determined she went on to the program today instead of staying behind for practice.

This child is going to give me heart failure.

UPDATED: She will be returning here tonight and play it day by day. I feel it would be too hard for her to be in a locked ward w/o me. The only person on the team that agreed with me was the doctor. He feels I have a great handle on things and we have a plan in place if I need assistance. He wants to know if I will teach his other parents to get a grip, LOL. He is upping her dose of Risperdal and she will take it all in the late afternoon to see if it will help her stay awake. She was chipper and talkative in family therapy. She admitted she is very scared but she feels I will protect her against anything bad. AAWWW!! Makes it all worth it.


Maia said...

Guess I should have read through the rest of my feed reader before commenting. Oops.

Glad you are doing what you think is best for Patches and for you. I think putting her in any sort of inpatient program would most likely not be beneficial to her attachment (not that that's the only issue though). Awww ... she's so cute!

TxMom65 said...

Risperdal makes my daughter sleep. I hope something can help her. I wouldn't want to leave her either.

ania said...

What an appropriate phrase, "Get a grip".

Literally and figuratively.