Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Bit More

Rosa is in her twenties and we will not be raising her children. LOL Nothing will actually change from the way it is now other than we will be able to legally claim her. That means so much to us. She lived her childhood out in foster care and she feels like she is our family but legally she is not. This has been a very sore spot for her and her soon to be ex has always down played our part as her family. I think at times made her question her own sense of belonging to us.

She has no contact with her birth parents and sees them for who they are. She has tried to warn her siblings about them b/c they were so little. She is very much like Cyr. She even gets chills recognizing it herself when she sees Cyr and my DH together. They both have a very flat affect and find very little joy in life. She is a fighter like no other. I think her influence on Cyr may be just what helps Cyr. This is not her role but I think it will be something that comes out of her being back in our lives. She is a thoughtful and helpful person, she will do all she can to wake up the person in Cyr.

Yes, I am a Nana. I have been for 6 yrs. Her children are (hope you don't mind my sharing their names, Rosa) Alyssa is 6, Eddie is 5, and Gia 2.

I think I have covered all your questions, any more?


Michelle said...

Not quite all of them. Fess old are you???? I want to know what Nana's are aged nowadays, lol.

Torina said...

That is so awesome. I didn't know you could adopt someone once they became an adult. Congratulations a thousand timmes over!!!

Tudu said...

I tell people I am 47 so they comment on how great I look. I am actually only 37. My kids are completely confused and think my DH is a much younger man.

I have been told I can do this adoption w/o an attorney but I need to look further into this.

Alyssa's Mom said...

Oh, you are a baby yet! Wait till you hit 40! You will feel every second of your age - I know I did!

Three years later and I can't imagine what it was like when something didn't hurt!

Congratulations again!

Michelle said... are only a year older than I am. I'm too young to be a Nana, lol! But I may try your "47" idea. I tell everyone I'm 29 and that I only celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday, lol. Just had my 6th anniversary a couple of weeks ago.

Incidentally, my kids pretend I'm the grandma when they play with dolls, lol.

I'm sure you'll be a great Nana. Let us know when the adoption is final. No more cliff hangers....(rofl)

Lorie said...

CONGRATULATIONS...that's wonderful news about your adoption. But what is more wonderful is I can call you Granny!!!! :-)Especially cause I'm older than you.