Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

He didn't even have his first Cub Scouts Meeting and he wants to quit. Too bad, it's called commitment, Little Dude.

We had a nice day after I yelled about the filth that follows them around. Everyone pitched in and got it done. All I have to do for the next couple of days is scrub floors and organize our spare bedroom. I am hoping to get to painting several rooms this month.

Ava was seriously bitten on the face. She insists on picking up Jace and she is so wild that he freaks out. We have warned her at least a hundred times. She won't listen so he taught her the lesson. Honestly, I would bite her, too, if she tried to hold me. She is way too rough and he is a sturdy dog.

I will post pictures of the "leash" my DH made for us. So far so good.

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