Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An oil change, new tires, and a bath. The guy who is selling me the Suburban had all that done this week for me for no additional charge. Wow! Nice guy.

My husband is having a serious disagreement with his boss right now. Three of the guys my husband supervises have complained he talks on the phone to me all day. Two of these people are the guy's daughter and her boyfriend. They rarely show up even within hours of being on time if they work at all that day. All three are his helpers and could not do the job without his expertise. They do not like being "gophers" and refuse to cooperate. Another screamed he was going to quit today.

We do talk throughout the day. My husband has worked as a subcontractor for this guy on and off for 15 years. He is currently an employee, but b/c of the attitudes of these 3 people he and his boss have been talking about subcontracting again. My husband had 2 traumatic brain injuries in 2 years (1997 and 1999). Both stopped him from working for months at a time and he has suffered short term memory loss due to this. Everyone knows he has to use me for this purpose. It has never been a problem before and now it is.

So, I pulled our phone records for our house phone (courtesy of Vonage)and he has only talked on the clock 16 minutes in the last 7 days. Many of those minutes could be me leaving a voice mail to remind him of something, going between job sites, or traveling to get materials. Every other call to and from each other is during lunch and his morning break. I do not feel he is "over talking" to me. I think these people do not want to work. Oh did I mention the guy pays all the bills for his kid and her BF whether they earn it or not. I am waiting for him to come home now. Hope he has a job.

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