Monday, February 27, 2006

Still no additional word from Nichole. I have gathered a ton of info for her when she does call (local women's shelter, numbers to call for free counseling for battered women, and a few other things). I have decided I am going to support her any way I can but her drama needs to be away from us until she leaves him and I can not jump and go "save" her again. I am so worried and am scared she will not leave him.

On a better note, I am motivated to work on the house today. We have all the bunk beds for the kids and I am washing them on the back porch. I have prepped the kids TV/Video game/computer room and will finish painting tomorrow and move the rest of the furniture in there. I am pretty excited to have a room close to being done.

The bedrooms are another story. We can't paint until we know the color the kids want. We can at least get the bunk beds put up. My Mom called today (asked about the kids for the first time in a long time) and said the quilt she has been working on for 2 years is about done and will be ready for the youngest girls room. I plan on doing the room in pink and purple and the quilt has daisy flowers (pink and purple).

I hope to focus my husband on building a new kitchen table so we can continue to use the dining room as a play room. I would love a custom picnic table t for the eat in kitchen area. It is long but narrow and our current table is too wide and will be difficult with the kids.

Back to work for now. Emma is going to have a real surprise wwhen she gets home, her Dad let her distroy the house this weekend when he was watching her and her cousin. Every toy and book is scattered and she is going to clean it up herself.

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