Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No word from Nichole or my worker. UUUGGGHH!!!

I am happy that my income check arrived as I was on the phone with IRS wondering where it was. Now we can purchase the vehicle we will need to haul our troop around in. I have not had car payment in years and was a little, ok freaking out about affording one now. My sweet husband found something that is going to ease my mind and now that the money has arrived, I will get the SUV this weekend.

We are getting an old Suburban, 1987 to be exact. It has a rebuilt engine and new transmission. It was only used over the years by the father of a friend who used it for vacations and boy scout meetings. He is very mechanical and treated it well over the years. It is white and has a good paint job on it and no damage to the body. While it is not beautiful and new, I will be able to calm down b/c we have a care to tote all of us and NO MONTHLY PAYMENT.

I worked hard cleaning the bunk beds yesterday and WOW, they were gross. I am going to need 2 new twin mattresses. I am hopeful my husband gets better soon so we can put them up. He has been getting something for awhile, he refuses to stay home and rest.

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