Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I've got the beds, linens, and SUV so where are my kids? The SW is supposed to call by this Friday with the results from the evaluation of the relatives. They went a week and a half ago to their house, so why haven't they called? Just let me know, is it too much to ask?

Back to the linens. I found the best deal on comforters and sheets. JC Penney had basic solid single color ones for $11.99! Anna's Linens had jersey sheets for $9.99! Perfect color for the beds.

The 3 older girls will have their room in bright orange and green with accents of yellow and purple. I know that sounds weird but it is pulled together by a rug and soooooo cute. The younger 3 will have pink and purple. Real simple. Our son will have SpongeBob SquarePants. They will all be able to add to the rooms their special touches to make it feel like theirs.

We bought a small sectional sofa that is pretty old but in great condition. I bought it from a super nice lady that offered us her twin mattresses. We need them bad. I will be pleased when it all is in place. The kids will have a great room for TV, video games, and their own computer. It is in a very public part of the house so we can keep an eye on things. They have their own sofa and chairs. Their playroom is downstairs off the LR.

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