Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We had met Rachael several times and was shocked in May of 2005 when she contacted us through Nichole. They asked us if we would consider adopting her unborn child. She did not want to stay at her Mother's house and was in a very bad live in relationship. We told her she and her 2 yr old daughter could move in with us and as long as she was honest about her intentions. If they changed please be honest and we would still help her, if she got back with the boyfriend she would be responsible for a small fee for room and board until she chose to leave. She reassured us constantly that she was committed to adoption and encouraged us to set up the nursery. About six weeks into it she got back with the abusive boyfriend and began a scam on us. He finally told us they were together and they were keeping the baby, she did not want to tell us so we would pay for everything and maybe give her the stuff when she left. Come to find out, she and her had a serious Meth habit and she did it until the day she came to our house. She rarely showered and neglected her child severely. We were almost relieved when she confessed. She moved out within a week or so.

We knew then we were ready to adopt again. I called a private adoption agency the next day. We had our classes the next three Saturdays and home visits the next month. By the end October we thought we were approved, turns out our file sat forever on the supervisor's desk and after a few more months we were approved and registered with the state of Georgia. As of January 23, 2006 we are approved to adopt up to 6 children ages 0 - 18 and of any heritage.

I guess what most people wonder is.....Why so many kids? We were parents in a group home and had six teen girls. It is the right number for us. It is our dream to have a house full of kids. We are gluttons for punishment.

When our worker called to tell us she said the state had sent out our homestudy automatically to a worker about a group of 6 and she was following up on a set of 4 and 5 here within the state. She went on vacation and left me a wreck waiting for new news. When she returned last Monday she called first thing and said the worker for the sibling group of six had called and spoken to my case worker's supervisor about us. After several conversations the worker decided they wanted to select us officially for the children. WOW!! Of course I answered without speaking for my husband. YES! Ok, I had spent months looking online at waiting children dreaming about which ones would be ours and ours were never listed. What a waste, oh well , moving on....

The girls are B 9, P 8, D 7, and twins A and K 4. The only boy is A 5. The only significant issues besides being ripped from their loving parent's arms are emotional, some moderate educational delays, and K has braces on her legs from Cerebral Palsy. We had hoped and requested some family or connection for the children we accepted to continue. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have thought of this connection being the parents. It seems that these children were not abused in any way. The parents were not able to care for them b/c they are illiterate and have low IQs. The state has tried to work with them and even sent the kids back at one point. The last time the kids were removed was b/c the Mom accidentally over dosed on of the girls on codeine and her lungs collapsed. Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) has been granted and the parents have 30 days to file and appeal. Their worker was confident they would not do so b/c they had stated as much.

So now we wait. Again. The worker is supposed to send a Presentation of the kids to our worker this week and then they will schedule a Staffing with the foster parents, all workers, therapists, and us.

I will talk about my unsupportive family next time. Oh goody, something to look forward to.

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