Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My worker called, the parents appealed. Not a huge let down, it just means the kids will be placed with us as foster to adopt instead of straight adoption. There are not many cases when a judge has overturned a TPR in GA and they had almost 6 years to work their plan. I am confident, so is their SW, that all will be ok on that issue. It means a few things will be different such as what they call us. We are uncomfortable with Mom and Dad if they are not in an adoptive placement.

Their SW is really worried we would back out b/c we will now have visits with the family until the appeal is denied. I don't know how it will work, so we take them there? Are we reimbursed for gas? How often will we have to go? On and on.

She moved up their relatives evaluation to this weekend so we can at least have closure on that. The Gparents will be denied (the SW is 100% sure about that). The maternal uncle can't take more than 3 children and the state is obligated to keep the kids together if at all possible. I guess that is where we come in. She said if they can't or won't do all 6 kids, we would be the priority. Still has me a wreck.

The SW wants to proceed with the Child Presentation and Staffing for the kids b/c she is so sure this is going to work out. Our agency refused to do so until the relatives are denied. They said it will take at least 2 visits for the presentation b/c there is so much info and so many kids. OMG this is going to drag on and on.

I feel like I am going to explode. My family is useless and refuses to hear about these ups and downs, so I really do not feel comfortable telling my friends either b/c if my family is tired of it everyone must be. My DH is ok with whatever, he is so laid back. He wants them to move in and get it going but he is not concerned with the details. He would rather I work out all the details and show him the kids he needs to fall in love with and he will. He is great in that way. My head is going round and round with questions and issues, it would be great to have someone to bounce it off of. Like a best friend....

I have had one since I was 16, Dana. She is pretty self centered in most ways but she would have let me talk about this for hours on end if I needed to. It was not a healthy relationship for the most part. She did help me through the last adoption and always listened to me freak out. For another day....

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