Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorry It's Been So Long

We have rearranged some of the meds and have seen no change. It has become very clear that both Michael and Patches will spend time in a locked facility in their future. Both are becoming even more dangerous here. ANgels at school, though. Really it's the same crap day after day. I feel like I type the same thing over and over.

Patches growled at me last night. Yes, I have a child that actually growls. I am not ashamed to admit it. I love her even when she snaps at me and growls. Homework has continued to be a struggle this year. It is being done some nights but it is nothing short of a miracle. Patches has to throw a fit and threaten me before she will let me read it to her or talk about it at all. She screamed at herself for about 15 minutes at bed time. Something about me being a mean fat lady. Honestly, I find it funny at this point. I mean come on, be creative. Anyone can see I am a mean fat lady.

My son is working on his name calling. He is also running away now fairly consistently. He is braver than the girls and crosses the main road. He gets out of sight of our home, too. I do not chase b/c it makes him run farther. I give him a few minutes and then if he doesn't come back I go look for him and then call the police. I have tried to scare the beejesus out of him when he is not angry by talking about weirdos that might grab him and how small he is so cars might not see him. Mean? True. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. He gets mad and runs off. He is violent and I can't leave the other kids alone. He has increased his nastiness this week but also kept his cool on 2 separate occasions. He is doing a great job at finding interesting names to call me. This week he used the term, "f**king stupid meanie head". It almost makes me want to give him a prize. LOL He has a girl at school that likes him. I told him his responsibility as a nice young man would be to open the door for her and carry her book bag. He looked at me puzzled and asked, "How do I get it away from her?" He thought I meant to steal it. Oh well. I tried.

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon with my 7 yr old grand daughter, Alyssa. I took her to the psychiatrist b/c her Mother is at the police academy. She mentioned some boy is asking her why she has so much hair on her arms. It seemed to bother her. I informed her it was b/c she was part Werewolf. Her Mother is full blooded but her Father is just human. I told her she wouldn't really notice until she began to change on the full moon when she turned 13. She would then become very hairy for the night, wear a princess dress and high heels, speak Dog, and fight crime. Sound crazy? She thought so, too. Until I mentioned it in front of the psychiatrist and her therapist. They barely looked up. She was hooked. If it had been a lie, surely they would have laughed or denied it. That's all it took. I informed her Mother of my terrible deed privately so when she walked in the door I was able to mention I had told Alyssa "her secret identity". She continued to back up my crazy story. The girl is thrilled. Poor thing. LOL

As of this week, I am alone with the 2 tiniest of my boogers. Gia and Kiera. They are a hoot. Kiera could live in the shower or bath and has been known to take them 3 or 4 times a day. She is talking up a storm and announces that any one that irritates her must go to "TIME OUT!". I am no help, I can't stop myself from laughing out loud at her antics. She is currently suffering from a nasty cold that immediately moved to her chest. Not good and I realized this reminds me of last Spring. They are currently "playing" the XBOX. They have no idea it isn't actually playing a game. LOL

Cyr has a new boyfriend. He is a football player and "really cute". He asked her to the school dance next week and it's all she can talk about.

My van is out of commission all week. The front wheel bent in. It was weird looking. My DH has been trying to fix it all week. I think it will be finished by this weekend. Thank goodness.

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