Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of Junk Going On

I've been gone but now I'm back. All 4 computers caught the flu and died. Literally. We thought they all had their shots but turned out a kid here managed to find a new strand that we didn't have a vaccine for.

Cyr is great. Patches is doing better this week. Ruthie really made me mad yesterday when she told all the customers at Wally World that I was abusing her brother and they should call 911 on me. Michael had an incident at Wally World causing the customers to all surround me and call 911. Emma is working on her need to be in EVERYONE"S business and getting quite a bit of exercise. Ava felt sorry for something or at least made me think she did. Either way, way to go, Girl. Ella is just Ella. Kiera is a ball of fury. Rosa is doing great at the Academy. She has other issues that I hope we will someday be able to to look back at laugh at. Alyssa is working on keeping her anger under control. Eddie is still my little Pee Machine. Gia is trying to come to grips with her Mother being gone so much.

Of course, there are so many details in between that I am not sharing. Juicy tidbits that would make you call your best girlfriend to gossip about. I just can't tell you here. This person would die. Let me say, I am always surprised at how creative my children are. They never stop finding new and interesting ways to make me prove I love them and will accept them for who they are. They also find new lows in self esteem and self hatred.

On a very sad note, Emma's birth sister was raped and sodomized last week by her uncle. He has been arrested and she has been released from the hospital. I feel so awful for her. She doesn't have the support she is going to need. I wish I save her. I can't. This isn't her Mother's daughter, it is her Father's. Emma spent all day Sunday on the phone with her. She has no idea this happened.


Innocent Observer said...

Oh my gosh. How awful!!!

Lisa said...

Gotta love creativity. I'll keep you informed.

P.S. If my lips weren't sealed before they are now. ;-)

Jenn said...

Oh dear God. Thinking of Emma's sister - what an atrocity.

Marthavmuffin said...

Tudu I just dont know how you do it! I am so sorry for your never ending troubles!

I hope Emmas sister will have closure and healing from this horrid incident.

And that the rat bstd will rot in he))

FosteringDreams said...

Oh God! I'm so sorry for Emma's sister -- I hate that things like that keep happening to kids.

Michelle said...

With the exception of Emma's sister, you sound better than I expected. I was afraid that Eddie and Patches finally had to be hospitalized.

Thanks for the update.

Michelle said...

uh, I meant Michael and Ruthie...duh!