Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Rule

Kids started school. I never heard form Ella, Michael, or Ava's teachers after they all promised to call me BEFORE school started. I wasn't worried about one of them b/c they will never see the stupid crap anyway. They other 2 have sexual issues that they have to be aware of, one is for the protection of others. I stopped by the office to drop off meds for Michael and mentioned I was concerned about 2 of my kids b/c they have bathroom issues. This particular person knows a good bit of our issues and laughed. She told me that they have a rule at this new school that they use the bathroom as a class or a staff member from the office escorts them to the restroom. I have a very good idea why she has this rule in place. LOL I can't believe she did it to the entire school. At least, my kids won't feel weird about it.

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Jenny said...

Too many times our kids are made to feel singled out because of their issues. What an awesome thing the school did.