Monday, August 04, 2008

What a Morning

I am officially an idiot. For the first time in years, I set the alarm clock to go off at 6PM instead of in the AM. This did not ensure a slow paced, easy morning. I woke up 15 minutes before they had to leave and I planned on serving them breakfast at home. I am so glad I finished everything last night. They rushed around like chickens with their heads cut off but didn't fight or cry at all. All my elementary school kids made it out to the bus and actually had to wait. They were tickled pink to be outside while it was still cool and thought the weather had changed just for school. I noticed after they were on the bus that I forgot to put their lunch money in the envelope I sealed shut. I also forgot to mention their meds on the counter. I was relieved when my Dh volunteered to bring the cafe' (I giggle every time I hear them call their lunchroom that) their money and check in with Patches' teacher.

Thinking the hard part was past, Cyr jumped in the shower and got dressed. She had so much time left over she had breakfast and worked on the dishes she had managed to forget several times last night. She waited at the bus stop for about 5 minutes when the bus approached, slowed down, and drove away. She was left standing there. The bus never came to a complete stop. I called and called Transportation and after many tries I called my DH to turn around to come take her to school. Why didn't I just take her, my tire is flat and so is the spare? I was finally able to reach Transportation and they told me to hang on, she would turn around and get her. The bus showed up 40 minutes later, after they dropped off all the other kids. My poor little 6th grader was so afraid of fitting in on the bus and it turned into a bus nightmare. She missed her big Orientation in the gym.

I can't wait for them to tell me all about their day.

My Dh just called, he is on his way home (a 45 minute drive) b/c he forgot a scaffold in the confusion this morning. He is pretty upset that he will be using up most of his gas money to fix this. He will have driven to work 3 times today.


Maia said...

Ack! Sounds like a stressful morning. Here's to hoping the rest of the day is calmer for all of you!

skirbo said...

You've definitely had a Monday. It'll get better.I keep telling myself that, anyway.


Kelly said...

My kiddos start to school on Thursday and I am sure I will be up all night afraid that we will over-sleep. Glad to hear your kids handled the morning so well, despite the fast pace. Hope they have a great day at school.

Anonymous said...

I thought stuff like that only happened to me and my DH. Glad to know different. HeeHee. I always seem to sleep like a rock too on the nights I make that mistake. Let me set the alarm correctly though and I am awake every hour on the hour.....geesh.

I hate that for Cyr. Sixth grade is such a socially scary time miss the bus AND orientation.

But hey! No one screamed or cried or had a meltdown so you did a great job mom by having them get their clothes ready yesterday and getting the meltdowns out of the way. Ha!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...........


Diane said...

My kids don't start school until August 18. I am ready while at the same time not looking forward to all the dramas school seems to bring. My son, ADHD, has a hard time finding friends, and my foster daughter is just a tough little cookie and dramas are her specialty! But, at least I get some peace and quiet during the day before they come home with all of their "problems"


Shea said...

Tagged you!

Kath said...

I hope they enjoyed their first day at school despite that, especially Cyr.
Her day kinda reminds me of my first day of a new high school, I wasn't on a bus route for it, living miles away, and we got caught behind the tail end of a car crash, and I was seriously late. So, I hope her day turned out ok in the end like mine did!