Saturday, August 09, 2008

It Has Already Begun

We are finally at that stage that all mothers dread. The one where their things start to miraculously disappear. As I began to do my makeup yesterday, I realized I was missing something very important, my eye lash curler. It is a must if I am to look as if I actually have any. I knew right away where to look and began to feel my blood pressure rise as I entered Cyr's room. There it was right on her vanity. This has happened twice now and I just explained to her that it is a natural phenomenon that seems to begin as a girl becomes a young lady. The uncontrollable urge to "borrow" their mother's things becomes too strong to stop. She will find herself drawn to my previously considered "old ladyish things" and need to have them as her own. All her common sense will slip out the window and she will "forget" to ask permission to borrow the item(s). I understand this won't be about my clothes b/c she is much too small for mine but she will be tempted by my jewelery, shoes, make up, pocketbooks (that I never use), and other various things I can not even fathom at this point. When I ask everyone when if they have seen said item(s) she will again be overcome with the need to lie about it. I warned her that we will have this conversation several more times and each one will be louder and more irritating. There is a cure to this ailment and only she can heal this, ask. Just ask first. She thought it was funny and even laughed. I assured her she wouldn't be laughing the next time.

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