Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Strep Fest

I took Emma, Cyr, and Ava for their yearly check ups only to discover that they don't do them yearly after 6 yrs old. Who knew? So Emma wasn't seen, at first. Ava is over 50# and Cyr is at 108#, they are growing like weeds. Ava is one of those kids that is solid, looks normal size and weight but when you try to hold her you are shocked. We get in the little room and the new doctor comes in and asks a bunch of questions I have already answered on the sheet when she realizes I don't know all the answers. You can see it in her face that she is thinking something is off that I can't tell her about the birth or if she has had chicken pox. I kinda giggled to myself waiting for her to ask b/c I had written it on the sheet and told the nurse just a few minutes earlier. Just as she was about to excuse herself I told her they were all adopted. You could see the relief in her face and she apologized. She said it should have been written across the top of the form that the nurse just did and she had forgotten to write it in. She didn't want to say anything in front of the kids, in case they didn't know. How sad is it that some families still do not tell their kids?

She continues to check out Ava and tells me she wants to do a culture on her throat for Strep. Great, no biggie. I have never had the doctor do the test right there in the office with me. She swabbed her and stuck it in the little tube with a test strip. She laughed, it started turning immediately. She said their was no doubt she has had it for awhile. She complained about 2 weeks ago about a sore throat and stuffy nose but has been fine with OTC meds.

She told me to bring back in any child with a headache, stomach ache, or sore throat with or without a fever. That gives Emma the chance to complain about her ever aching stomach. She insists on a culture. Guess what? Emma has it, too. I have a feeling I am going to be bringing Ruthie, Michael, Ella, and Patches in tomorrow b/c they have all been complaining about headaches for a couple of days. The best part is they get to stay home until Thursday but they aren't slowing down a bit. Why do some sick kids not act sick? I begged them to fake it for me at the drug store.

I, myself, have had a slight headache for the last 2 days but ibuprofen has helped. I did notice that about an hour ago I was feeling warm so I took my temperature. You guessed it, a fever. We are a walking virus factory. I need a nap.


Maggie said...

Slugger never acts sick when he's sick. He also has the tendency to fake sick, so it's really hard to tell the difference.

I hope they all shake the strep bug quickly!

Tudu said...

Maggie, that is our exact problem. I know this doctor was quite surprised I wasn't aware they were so sick.

skirbo said...

Yikes! Hope everyone is well soon.


Kelly said...

Been there done that with our crew. One son just couldn't shake it and they ended up deciding (after doing strep tests on all of us) that I was the carrier and kept giving it to him over and over but had no symptoms. Medicate everyone and be done with it. Hope everyone gets well soon.

Michelle said...

Our baby now has a runny nose and has had a rash that I thought was eczema...I've had a headache off and on, 5 year old complaining of stomache ache and 12 year old has it all. I didn't think about strep...darn.

We have the same problem with kids faking it. My 3 year old tells me all the time, SOMETHING hurts. The minute she even SEES a doctor (at other kids appointments) she starts telling me how sick she is and how she needs the doctor to check her. Sigh. Hard to tell sometimes.