Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Panty Check

Ava. bless her heart, tries so hard to mess things up for herself and others. I have decided I am addressing her too negatively, not that I am being mean to her but I noticed that so many times I have to say something to her and it is about her negative behavior. I will no longer say anything, I will point and give the look. I will make sure for every point and look she receives 3 positive comments about her. This will be extremely difficult.

Ella was kissed on the cheek by the neighbor boy. She was blushing when her sister told me. He just leaned over and kissed her cheek on the bus. I am not surprised, she is such a beautiful child. I think he relates to her b/c she has a physical disability and he has a severe speech disorder that makes him impossible to understand. I mean the child has no friends b/c you can't communicate with him. She doesn't care about that and just sits quietly with him. Ava teased her a bit and said she was going to marry him and have babies. Ella's eyes got huge and she looked to me for answers, scared that may be her fate now that she has been tainted by his love. I laughed and promised she was allowed to choose her husband and is not tied to this child after just one kiss, 2 and we would need to talk to his Mom about his intentions. She took this very seriously.

Cyr didn't eat breakfast at school b/c she couldn't find the cafe'. Poor girl is lost. She didn't think any of the boys at school were cute but she did think the PE Coach was "hot". That's my girl. I called and let the Counsleor know to have a safety talk with him. I am sure he would be manipulated within days into feeling sorry for her and spending a moment alone with her to "help" her in some way. She will figure out his likes and dislikes and make them hers in an effort to "bond" with him.

Patches is spending an enormous amount of time on homework. They are giving her 5th grade work and she is on a 1st grade level. I am trying to give them a little room to get things organized but I fear they will not be taking her out for her Special Ed subjects and try to serve her in the room. This will not work for her, she is already showing signs of frustration.

My son has had a couple of accidents and not told me. He is getting up to change his clothes but not his bedding. I only discovered this b/c he was changing his underwear the last 2 mornings before school but claimed he was dry. He was dry but had been covered in urine just hours before. I love that they are all very independent about their wetting but it is an issue when they hide it. We are going to have to have a chat about his accidents and how they happen sometimes but it doesn't mean he needs pull ups again. He did take comfort yesterday afternoon when I told him Dad had wet his pants after a seizure years ago. He was amazed that he did that as an adult. I throw my poor DH under the bus like that regularly. I am glad he has a sense of humor.

Ella has an underwear issue that was recently discovered. The girl has decided to stop changing her underwear after her shower. She gets a clean pair out and then puts back on the old ones. I have no idea why but she now has to have a panty check every night. I almost puked when I had her on my lap a couple days ago, the girl stank. She also used a towel to dry off after she cleaned up a piece of dog poop with it. She knew this and didn't care. EEEEWWWWW!! See a theme going on here? She is trying to make herself stink.


Innocent Observer said...

I hope the school takes you seriously, for Cyr's sake.

Lindsay said...

Poor Ella (and poor you!) Is she making herself stinky because she is stressing about school and making friends? (So that she can 'control' the fact that noone will come near her?)