Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trashed and a Name

My son is a real piece of work. This morning he actually got mad b/c I tied his shoes and mentioned he needed to practice more in the afternoon so he is not stressed before school. He threw the tennis shoes and started a beautiful morning rage. I picked up the shoes and threw them away, he is back to flip flops and socks.

Amongst all this sibling adoption name thing, Emma has asked to add Alyvia back to her name legally. I have always had a lot of guilt about changing her name even though we took custody of her at 3 weeks and her mother was fine with the change b/c she was being named after my husband's Grandmother and Great Grandmother. She thought it was cool to pass the name on to our daughter. We told both Emma and her Mother we will be adding the name in as her first middle name and she can choose to be called Emma or Livie, her choice. Em is thrilled to be a part of the excitement and we are so happy to give her her name back. Her Mother was moved to tears and is worried she will not remember to call her by her "real" name.

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