Monday, April 02, 2007

My oldest had her first big party.

We planned for weeks to have a party with a moonwalk and giant slide with everything good to eat. It rained out the moon walk and slide. Lots of people showed up but a few missed it. Kids did really well with all the folks there. We surprised the kids with their old foster parents and bio aunt and uncle. The kids were shocked and happy at first. Then we began to see a flat affect from a few of them. This really put into perspective how serious RAD is for one of them. B had nothing to do with them other that the original hug.

We talked in great length later about her feelings, something she dreads and is not able to do on her own. I gave her several choices about how she could possibly be feeling and she related to a few of them. She does not want to see her parents again. This could change, she does like her aunt and uncle and feel they are safe but she would rather avoid them in person. I am so glad she was able to express this. I promised to always respect her wishes and protect her from them if she needs me to. She just does not want to tell them herself so I will be the bearer of bad news in the future.

More later, kids are freaking out.

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