Monday, April 16, 2007

Time off for Good Behavior

I spent the better part of Saturday without my kids and had a blast with my friend Eve. We went to lunch, shoe shopping, and for an iced coffee. I have not laughed so hard in awhile. She is really entertaining and very funny.

She seems so decided about the adoption. I worry it is because her feelings are hurt from this relationship with a married man. Adoption will not make everything better. It is very hard not to constantly remind her that she can parent. She knows how I feel and we talked a bit about it this weekend. She claims nothing can change her mind and she was really nice about me breaking my promise to leave the issue alone. She laughed, she knew I couldn't do it anyway. At least I am not harassing her like I was about parenting. I am trying so hard to support her without encouraging adoption, she is capable of parenting, she says she has no doubts about adoption.

She is excited to find out what she is having. She has an appointment on May 9th for an ultrasound. It is the day before my birthday and I am hoping for a boy. Is it wrong to hope for one sex over the other? I will be thrilled to have another girl, I am just hoping to even things out. Ok, I am really afraid if she has a girl I will screw up her hair. I understand I can learn how to fix it. It is stupid, I admit, but still a fear I have. I want her to feel pretty and how can you if your Mom has screwed up your hair again or she doesn't have time to sit for hours to fix it.

Kids had a great time this weekend, we took them to the Jump Zone and they jumped for hours. You would have thought they would be so tired they passed out but no. We went for Mexican food afterward and they ate like pigs only to ask 2 hours later for a snack.

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Mongoose said...

LOL Don't worry, if it's a girl, the times that you do mess up her hair will still make her feel in touch with her culture. What African-American woman hasn't experienced a really awful "b*yôtch messed up my hair" day by the age of 12? LOL

I know you'll rise to the challenge if that's what's in your future. ;)