Friday, April 27, 2007

I am Sicker Than I Thought

I took the kids to the pediatrician and she walked in and suggested I may have Scarlet Fever. What? That is a childhood illness! Not in my case. She did a culture on 4 of my kids and my niece and they all have Strep. She told me to run not walk to my doctor.

I took the kids home after I got their prescriptions filled and had my sister watch them so I could head to the doctor. Turns out the pediatrician was right. I have Scarlet Fever. He gave me a HUGE shot in the rear and an oral antibiotic. The best part is the humiliation I will feel meeting many of my online friends next week with my face, neck, and chest peeling. I will look like Reptile Woman or something.

I can't stop scratching and I look like I have been slapped a few times with a lovely white moustache. I am swollen almost unrecognisable. I look ridiculous and feel terrible. The worst part is my breasts itch so bad and how do I scratch them without looking weird. It is completely inappropriate to yank them out and go at em like I need to.


Fostermama said...

Scarlet Fever? Wow. You know how to do it right don't you? LOL I hope you're getting some sympathy help from the kiddos this weekend.

Mongoose said...

Wow, that's the second time you've been really sick since I've been reading your blog. You must be so stressed.

Have you tried taking some Motrin or Tylenol? (Can you even take them? Didn't you say before you have ulcers?) I find either really helps in dealing with itching.