Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Rage and a Plan

D had to have her turn at me last night. She went all out b/c she claimed to have taken a shower first the night before and I try to rotate them. She had missed the shower the night before b/c her shower mate, my oldest, had a terrible tummy ache at the last minute and stunk up the bathroom. They showered in the morning instead. When caught in a lie I will sometimes break the tension by teasing, it works most of the time. It backfired b/c she was determined to let go of some pent up frustration on me and the house. I sang, "Liar, Liar pants on fire stick your nose on a telephone wire." She smiled and then hid it with a pout. I tickled her all the way up the stairs and threatening to pinch her if I caught her. She giggled and ran as fast as she could. I am thinking we are fine and continue past her room to change the laundry. Long story short, she refused to shower and ended up raging for over an hour and had to be put on the patio due to excessive use of her outside voice inside. It was the getting her outside that posed the problem this time. All my fault, I did not have a good grip on her and she kicked me and down we went on the stairs. No one was hurt seriously but I was very angry at that point and tagged my DH It. She scared several kids all with no real closure on why or what. She was sent to bed after she calmed but I refused to accept her back with cuddling kindness until this morning. I explained I was the most angry that she scared our family and guest, I love her screaming or happy, I understand she has a had time expressing herself and gets violent at times, and I made sure she knew I will always forgive her for her feelings actions but there are consequences for them. She was quiet and reserved for about a minute and then back to chattering self. Trying to remind me how she studied her spelling words, she brushed her teeth, and she had her backpack already. Proving she was making an effort today.

P had therapy this morning and she refused to talk again. I have had to join her for the last several sessions and she is much more talkative afterward with me alone about the same subject. She refuses to talk to this man. I do not think it is just him, I think it will be with anyone. She ended up expressing some really good things to me and then she pretended to be sick in the bathroom. She had C lie to me, her first mistake b/c C is a dead give away. P comes and tells me that C flushed it and C looks at P, then me, and then at her shoes. Not good for P. P tries to save it by answering for her and starts talking really fast, second mistake. Out comes an employee from the bathroom they were just in, I stopped her and asked her if she had heard my child getting sick, "No, but I heard the plan to stay home and watch TV in bed.", third mistake was a witness. P's head went down. I assured her I pulled the same stuff and she was gonna have to try harder if she was going to fool me. She insisted she was still feeling bad a few minutes later at the school and I offered to discuss why she was trying to get out of school but she refused. I gave her a bag to use "just in case" so she could show me later and stay home from school tomorrow.

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