Friday, April 20, 2007

The Aunt

It is so funny so many people commented on my husband's aunt. She is very snobby and rude and it was nice to get the support from you guys. Thanks!

D threw a ball over my fence into the neighbor's yard and his show dog ate the ball. My neighbor is so sick of my kids, they hollar and scream all the time and throw things into his yard. I do not blame him, I would dislike them, too. I hope his dog is ok, they cost around $3000 and I can not afford to pay for it. My husband wanted to tell the man but my son yelled at him and told him that his dog took their ball. I am sure this irritated him more. D, however, threw a nice fit in front of my SW when I asked her if she did throw the ball over. The fit lasted from 3:30 until 6PM. She threw things down at me, hit me 5 times, and kicked me twice. You gotta love that.

My son has become a huge liar. I am now reminding him every time he says anything that it must not be true b/c he has such a hard time telling the truth. He lies even if you catch him in the act. It is very sad. He has always lied but now he is hanging on to the lie no matter what and refuses to be honest. My poor husband rarely sees this side of the children and really struggles with them now that it is coming to light for him. He just keeps telling me he doesn't see how I have dealt with it every day for 10 months. He is happy to go to work and miss the "fun" stuff.

The kids have found a lizard in the back ytard under the A/C unit and have made a new "home" for it if they can catch it. It has entertained them for hours this afternoon, me, too. They are so sure they will catch him and they can provide what he needs better than the wild. Thank goodness it is much faster then they are. He will not be allowed in the house b/c he could bring disease to my husband's many very expensive geckos and boas. I just can't imagine losing one of those over a wild caught skink. My husband breeds reptiles and does high end stuff, some of the animals are well over $1000 each.


Mongoose said...

Oh, wow. Somehow if I had to pick one person I know to have a house full of expensive geckos and boas, I don't think I'd have guessed you. :) How do the geckos and boas get along with the kids?

Tudu said...

He has the reptiles in a locked room he built in the garage. The kids are not allowed in there w/o him and they do very well with that roll. They are all interested in the animals but only the older kids help him clean and take care of them.

Mongoose said...

Makes sense. :)

Meanwhile, someone tagged me for the Thinking Blogger Award meme so I'm tagging you. The object is to write a post linking five blogs that make you think. You definitely make me think a lot. :) I hope you don't mind me tagging you.

Torina said...

On lying...sometimes the lies are when the kid is lying that they are not doing something WHILE they are doing it. I love that. Other times, they drive me nuts. Little T loves to brag about her lying. If I ask her why I should believe her, she'll say in a sing-song voice, "I don't know since I lie all the time" and flash me one of those innocent smiles with that devil sparkle in her eyes. Gar.