Monday, March 05, 2007

I am having no luck finding help. I have been honest about our family and no one has shown up for the interview. We are 0 for 6. It is not looking good. I have another interview for Wed and I was not as forthcoming. My kids are so adorable, I figure if they see them they will assume they are sweet. My kids can hold that lie up for at least a few weeks. LOL

I am finally up and at it. I feel good and my patience is coming back slowly. I have lost a ton of weight and I look like I am wearing someone elses clothes. We just joined the YMCA and I hope to continue to lose some weight.

My DH is still in Puerto Rico and I hope to be able to contain myself and not beat him to death for leaving. I could really use some adult company even if it is him.

I have Emma home from school vomiting. Poor thing has had to ride in the car all morning so I could take A and A for a CT scan and B and P for therapy. Hopefully she can rest all afternoon and get over this bug w/o spreading it throughout the house.

We had a great weekend. The kids were excellent and made great choices or bounced back very quickly each time. I was completely amazed that the simple reminder to my son that I now know how smart he really is (we got back his psychological and he has an IQ of 101) and how he is my good boy seemed to really work. The power of persuasion seems to work well with a few of my kids. Even as he was melting down I would tell him he was such a good boy and he would scream he was a bad boy. I would respond with a smile he was wrong and he was my good boy, he was only making a bad choice. He moved through the tantrum quickly and wanted the praise for it. This is huge for him b/c he does not accept praise at all and always has very long drawn out tantrums. I reminded him throughout the day as I kissed him or hugged him that he was my good boy, Sunday he even called me his good mom. A tiny gleam of hope , I'll take it!

P struggled on Sunday afternoon and threw a fit that required her to step outside since she was using an outside voice with me. She flipped out and screamed I was going to let the wolves eat her. What? We don't have wolves. I sat right there with her while she rammed the glass door over and over until I had to grab her to keep her from breaking it and really getting hurt. She was able to get it together and finish her chore (all of 5 minutes). She apologized on her own but it leaves me wondering what is going on with her for her to lose it a few times in the last week. Her fits are so much better than they used to be. They are shorter and she always finds me to apologize and be sure I still think she is a good girl.

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