Friday, March 09, 2007

My son has been invited to a birthday party. The sad thing is he doesn't know who invited him b/c he can't remember the names of the kids in his class. I remember the little girl from skate night so I have reminded him repeatedly in hopes it will stick. It is as if he doesn't view the children as people but more as objects. Very strange that after all this year he does not know a single name. My husband is planning on escorting him to the party to play putt putt. I hope he is able to handle it.

I am busy planning a birthday party for my oldest next month. She turns 11 and shares her birthday with my niece and she wants to share a party with her this year. My niece is turning 3. We have rented a pavilion at he local park and I have reserved the local celebrity clown, Twinklz. We are having hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. She has never had a real party before and is getting very excited. It is funny to me how immature she can be at times, like wanting a clown at 11 yrs old. I sure hope someone from her class does not tease her for it later.

My SW called yesterday to inform me she has sent A and D's evaluations to the Assessment Specialist and they feel they will be placed on a much higher Level of Care. I am very happy to have someone deal with this issue and I am hopeful we will see an increase in assistance to help cover the cost of Attachment Therapy and help here at home. Please keep your fingers crossed this woman had the power to help and she acts on the evaluation.

I got an email from the kids' aunt again and she was informed by their Mother that they missed their appointment with their lawyer to sign off the appeal but are still planning to do it soon. I am not holding my breath.

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