Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two More Evaluations.

The twins both came in today. A has Depressive Disorder and an IQ of 103. C has Disruptive Behavior Disorder and an IQ of 96. I am shocked by their IQs, I never would have imagined them to be anywhere near that and C has tested considerably lower a few times. Shoot, D tested at 56 in school and now she is testing at 73. I am totally confused by these numbers and while I understand that I should not get so focused on them, it is hard b/c they are so off.

I see the Depressive Disorder and the Disruptive Behavior Disorder in them and agree with that. They both had a GAF score of 53! What? I understand now how that number can vary and is not reliable at all. How could it be when my son is a 52 and he is a complete behavior disaster and my sweet A is a sobbing fool at times over nothing. They can not be compared in terms of difficulty and yet they score nearly the same. I can't wait to see what B and P turn up.

My SW thinks they can get the children assessed with thtis new information and properly placed on a level. YEAH!! I am not holding my breath.


Mongoose said...

What's a GAF score?

I would suggest that maybe you find one child easier than the other because you cope with some behaviours better than others. To me I find it easier to deal with a great deal of anger than even a little crying. Crying aggravates the tar out of me. So if I had your two children, maybe I would think the opposite from you?

Just an idea...

Linda said...

I don't know how long ago the previous IQ tests were, but IQ can change ... my friend has had 2 of her children's IQ's improve drastically from when they were in foster care ... countless people have told her that permanency in a positive environment can really affect IQ.

Torina said...

I know this is an old post but thought I'd comment. These tests, in my humble opinion, IQ and GAF and whatnot, are a load of crap. Especially when you get a different score everytime the kid takes it. Your kids sound pretty smart too.

I am one of those starting at the beginning of your blog so I hope to find out that they are freakin brilliant :) My daughter is a mastermind when it comes to manipulation but on paper you would think she would not be able to put more than two words together. Her IQ is supposedly 53. This makes me LAUGH at how absurd the test must be. I forget what her GAF score. Something ridiculous I'm sure. She reads my college textbooks when no one is looking for pete's sakes.