Saturday, February 24, 2007

I will survive!

My son is driving me crazy, he spent the entire afternoon acting a fool. He had the nerve to hit me and kick me in the stomach after he threw all his stuff down the stairs again. I had him pack it all up after the kids went through it and took what they wanted. He struggled this morning but I kept being really sweet and he eventually just made up a story in his head and ran upstairs to his room. He told D (she is in her room b/c she still refuses to pick up the clean clothes) I told him B hated him. WTF? The last things I was saying to him was to come sit with me and I would keep him warm.

I can't do this alone anymore. I need to hire help, now to save this family. My health and sanity are in jeopardy. I can't really afford to hire anyone but I no longer have a choice.

I am keeping things down today for the first time. My medicine makes me nauseous and to top it off, it smells like feet. I burp the feet smell, too. You would think with all the advancement in medicine, they would be able to make all medicine taste nice and have a coating on it to help it go down. Is this too much to ask?

Today I have been able to eat a couple of bites at a time of a cookie, banana, and craved a root beer. WOO HOO! I am on my way to kicking some booty around here.

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