Monday, March 19, 2007

The Weekend

We had a very nice time in Helen at the retreat. We had wonderful food and laughed a ton. My husband is using the "techniques" way too much and is driving me crazy. He thinks he is funny but I want to make him a victim of domestic violence in his sleep.

The kids survived at my MIL's but we had some issues that I will pay for for some time to come. She lost control of the kids and my son had a small tantrum for her. She called with a ton of guilt for her reaction to him over the weekend but no harm came to him.

We did get confirmation that the appeal was actually dropped on the 9th of this month not Thursday. DFCS, the state, and my agency are getting things together ASAP to place the children on a Level of Care so we receive the correct amount of adoption assistance. They are hopeful to have all the paperwork in place within 2 weeks. I am very happy and hopeful about giving the kids some closure with DFCS. I am concerned they will not help us with Attachment Therapy or provide enough support to afford it ourselves. We have asked to have all future psychological needs be taken care of but I have heard horror stories and know they will try to get out of it.

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