Thursday, March 15, 2007

House and an Appeal

We should be moving into our new home in June. I am so thrilled. It turned out she was wrong about the appraisal and it was actually$330K. We are getting such a great deal all b/c of some cosmetic issues that are so easily fixed by my husband. They are going to work out a schedule to get the work done over the next couple of months so it will be ready for us. She has a lot of investment properties that she wants my husband to take a look at and do some work on. Her husband used to do it for her but considering the situation she is in a bind.

More news about the kids' parents. They went to court this morning b/c after 5 years the state decided to fight them for child support for the time the kids have been in care. They were ordered $1000 a month. Their Dad asked if they dropped the appeal would they still have to pay and immediately signed to drop the appeal. This is all 3rd hand and we are waiting for confirmation from the county but it sounds about right.

My husband and I are going to Helen, GA for a training weekend. It will focus on building up our relationship and parenting such difficult children. It will also give us the training hours needed to maintain our license.

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