Monday, March 12, 2007

My son missed the bus again today. It was not entirely his fault b/c I overslept. I warned him about 6 times t was time to go and he decided he had plenty of time to clean his book bag out. He has never made any attempt to clean anything so I guess he was trying to avoid the bus. He will be allowed to clean out all the book bags this afternoon to be sure they will not have to take te time and miss the bus themselves. Whay a good son to take car of his sisters that way. LOL

My niece threw a rock at C's head and boy did it bleed. No need for stitches but lots of drama. My niece is 2 yr sold and thought she was helping them clean the yard. She is quickly becoming on of my little Crazies. (The kids love that term and think we are all Crazies with our own versions of it.)

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