Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Need to Brag

I went out Friday night with my Dh to a monthly dinner we attend with other parents trying to heal their children with RAD. It always makes me feel better, ok the drinks may be a small part of it but their kids are older and dealing with nastier stuff. I always hate to leave and wish we could see each other more often.

My son has been holding it together for 3 days so he can attend his first birthday party for a classmate. He has no idea the name of the child b/c he does not view them as people but more like objects. He is still very excited to play putt putt with Dad.

C is officially driving me crazy, I find myself avoiding her. Sh is constantly breaking any rule she can and chatting my ears off about nothing. She covered the slide yesterday with nasty mud, I mean the entire slide was an inch thick of mud. SHe could not come in the house b/c she, too, was covered head to toe. This happened while she was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom and she somehow snuck off and did this in about 5 minutes. It has recently been brought to my attention that she is also a willing participant in the sexual acting out that has been happening around here. She is always the first to fall asleep and usually does this on the sofa after her bath, she freaks out and tantrums for an hour when it is suggested she should go to bed (with the others). I hate that I am letting all the things she does get to me and I am making sure to five her extra love and positive attention until it passes. I am not sure it will be I must fake it until I fell it again. She is also extremely clingy and does not give me a second to breathe alone if she can help it. AAAHH!!!!

I got the final copies of the Speech, OT, PT, and Psychological evaluations together for my SW and she picked them up this AM. We are still waiting on B and P' s but I expect them soon.

I have a lady coming Monday for an interview that I am completely convinced I will hate her. She has a degree in Psychology and does not believe my children have no conscience or empathy for others. She feels I need Super Nanny and all will be better. I came so close to telling her off but decided I would allow her to see them as they are in their natural habitat. She was condescending and I may have to be restrained to keep from slapping her but I thought it would be fun to torture someone else for a change. She actually said she knew what I was going through and when I see her I will understand she can fix the situation. HA! I feel like giving the kids candy for the bus ride home and letting them eat her alive.

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