Monday, November 03, 2008

In a Funk

I am in a blogging funk. I have a lot going on but am too lazy to write or do much of anything. The kids are out of school until Wednesday and Rosa and her kids are still arranging their things here. I could sit around all day, wait, I have. Cyr and Emma are visiting my MIL and having a blast.

What do you want to know? Ask me anything.


NannyOgg said...

No comment, just quick hi to delurk. Or maybe I did before. My brain has been slowly oozing out of my ears because of family and life demands and I see similar issues for you.

But hey, I sat down and read blogs. I have been following yours for a while now (weeks? maybe months, who knows) and wanted to not be a stalker but actually someone who is a 'known reader'

Good blog and tons of positive energy your way!


Me said...

I'll bite...How big is your house?

Alyssa's Mom said...

I too am in a funk!

Work is so incredibly hectic/stressful that I just don't feel like spending time on the computer!

OK, here is my question:

Which one of your kids has made the most progress, and why?

r. said...

When did your husband have his brain injury? How has it changed your marriage and/or parenting? It just sounds like such a major thing to get used to to me, but you make it sound like it's not such a big deal...

Anonymous said...

If you have nothing else to do you could teach me how to have an identity so I don't have to be anonymous. Anyone? I don't have a blog.

Maia said...

Tell us stories about your kids. I love reading your blog - it makes me feel so NORMAL! (Because your kids are similar to the ones I work with and the ones in my family.) What did y'all do today? Tell us about the stuff that you think is boring - it'll be interesting to me!

Innocent Observer said...

Q and A time? Okay.

When a kid is being a total turd, what do you say in your head to keep from tossing said turd, uh, child out the window?

Are you ever coming to Maine?!?!

How do you balance having other adults join your household? Do you have ground rules? What do they look like?

What does your dream vacation look like?

Favorite food? How's 'bout another recipe? :)

Tia said...

OK here's one - I totally get "Finishing off my family" but where does Tudusa come from?


Maggie said...

Do your kids know what they want to be when they grow up?