Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Thief

Why is it that kids don't get the memo that they are all supposed to learn from the same technique? Why do they force us to try so many different things before they learn from us?

I have been trying every thing in my little black book with Ava with no change in her behavior. Something must have worked today b/c she became a new child. She acted like she wants to be a part of our family, she was thoughtful, and she did extra chores without me asking one time. I have been making up things to praise her about b/c she is so determined to look, smell, and act like trash. I even complimented her on putting her shoes on the right feet b/c there was nothing else to say that was nice. I am trying to take her focus off being the baby here and talking about qualities that she has that are so wonderful like her milky white skin (looks like a milkshake and I beg her to let me lick her hand), her thoughtfulness (she always writes me notes even though they are stabbed), and how smart she is (she is freakishly smart). It seems to have worked for at least a day and I will take that.

Ruthie stole from the AT's office today and then screamed at em for 30 minutes about how I was mean for calling her out. I never raised my voice or was rude in any way. SHe was able to let it out without disassociating. Of course, in the end she acknowledged she did steal it and she lied. She was able to come up with 3 different stories and called me a liar every time I showed her how they weren't possible. I wish she was smarter so she could be more creative and get away with something once in a while.

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