Monday, November 17, 2008

Enough About the Baby

Ava is going to be the death of me. She is stealing and lying so much more and I wish I could blame the baby and the changes that come from her but it's not. This has been escalating for months and I am finally at the end of my rope. The AT is unable to help me find new and interesting ways to help her get a grip. I sat down and had a long talk with her. It is amazing how my children will tell me the shocking truth when I am calm and act like it won't bother me. She confessed she doesn't love me or anyone except her Nanny (maternal Gma). She feels like I am just another woman here to take care of her. She feels nothing. She also loves to steal b/c it feels fun. She likes that everyone pays attention and makes a fuss. She was very matter of fact when explaining all this to me.

She is extremely upset about the baby. She thinks the baby stole her name b/c they both were given the name Jade as a middle name by their Mothers. She admitted she wants the baby to leave. She promised she wouldn't hurt the baby but I know she must be watched at all times. I think she is more prone to hurt me than the baby. I hope I am right.

Patches is quite the crazy child lately. I love to watch her be silly b/c this is new for her.

Cyr has been too helpful. She is hugging me w/o me threatening to grab a hold and not let go. It makes me sad that I still question her motives so much. I hope someday that will pass.

Michael is such a cutie. He is trying to communicate with me about his anger and feelings about sharing everything with Eddie. He is doing a great job expressing himself even if it is after he blows up.

Ella and Emma love the baby. Ella wants to hold her but it is hard with her tight leg muscles. She needs to work on being the older child and not letting the baby beat her in the face. Emma thinks she should be able to carry her even though they are about the same size. She is doing good on her Prozac but I am sure we will be increasing it soon.

Ruthie still just doesn't understand a thing. She can not grasp simple ideas like when holding a baby don't just let go and stand up. She has done this twice and dropped the baby. Good thing she wasn't hurt. I am positive it was an accident both times b/c she couldn't hurt a flea.

Since I haven't said it in the entire post.....I love having a baby around!


The Bus Driver said...

wow.. i hope Ava will adjust somehow. I can see where she feels threatened by a new presence. how old is Ava? is there a way you can schedule some just you and ava time? to do whatever ava wants to do?

Maia said...

Hey, thanks for the updates about the other kids! I was wondering how they all are doing. It's so exciting that you have added another (is that two this month?!) to your "brood" - congratulations!

Kath said...

I hope Ava feels better about Keira soon! Could you perhaps tell her that people with the middle name Jade are very special, and that means her and Keira are in a unique club together?

I'm glad the other kids are doing well too!

Marthavmuffin said...

AWWW she is so cute, I am glad you are enjoying the baby.