Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am so busy right now that I am neglecting this blog. I will get myself organized and back on track. I have tons to share about the kids but right now I only have a few minutes before the new little beast realizes I am not holding her.

Both parents decided they needed to sign over Legal Guardianship to us. DFCS told the mother she would have to go through drug court for 18 months before they would consider her to be fit to raise her child. She instantly gave up and agreed to LG. We had to ask Em's Mom to hunt down the father on the BC and he agreed to do it.

I am exhausted beyond belief. She was going to everyone that held out hands until yesterday when she realized I have the bottles and must be the woman in charge. Now she MUST be touching me even when she sleeps. She cries if she can't see me and when anyone else tries to touch her. If I try to snuggle with her, she wants nothing to do with it. I have to be available on her terms. She doesn't like to be held when she is fed and is having a hard time laying in my arms. She has this desperate thing about her that is very obvious yet you can't put your finger on what it is.

She warmed up last night after dinner and played with Emma for about 30 minutes. Em, my DH, and myself were on the floor with all the other kids on the sofas or in the showers and she got really silly. She would hug me hard and lay her head on my chest and then run for Em and tackle her by pulling her hair and shirt to the ground. She threw herself on her chest and kinda snarled at her and then ran back to me to hug. She had us all laughing so hard and she was having a ball. She was crazy! I guess the breathing treatment wound her up quite a bit.

So far no serious issues with her health but I am taking her tomorrow to our pediatrician to get her records transferred and see what I need to be doing.


Wendy said...

If she is getting Albuterol in the breathing treatments, see if the doc can switch her to Zopenex. It doesn't have the side affect of making them crazy wired. Much, much better!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update. I know it is fun to have a little one in the house!! There is just nothing like a baby!! :)

Ashley said...

I'm following you now- And you can follow me if you like- and it seems like I picked quite the time to do so!

Wishing you joy, even in these hectic days.


Kristina P. said...

I was a drug court caseworker for 3 years, in Utah. It was tough! Some parents got their kids back, but most did not.

I hope you get some sleep soon! You are awesome!

Nichole said...

It sounds like she is terribly afraid of being left alone, but at the same time hasn't had enough positive affection to need or want it.

I hope she comes around and learns to love affection.

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Is she on albuterol?? I know a TON of kids who get super wound up on that stuff.

If it is an issue, check out Xopenex. It seems to be far less likely to cause the hyperactivity/restlessness/instability for most kids I know. Good luck with her! =)

The Bus Driver said...

hopefully she is young enough that the effects of her neglect can be lessened or even dissapear altogether once she settles in and realises you arent going to go away. She is pretty young so she has a good chance of at least lessening the long term effect of neglect.

Tia said...

How exciting but how exhausting too. I well remember what it is like to have a child who cannot bear to be out of touch even for a minute. Do you have a sling? This was my lifesaver, I could pop my Mog into it and she was in contact with me the whole time, but I had hands free to get on with the rest of life too.


musemoon said...

Holy Moly...this is so exciting and of course exhausting...hello??? You have just increased your family by I believe 3 or 4 in just one's gonna be a bit tiring.

I am thrilled to hear your news though...can't wait to see pics of the whole clan. (and two new daughters.)