Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tons has happened here this week and none of it was packing! We have had to postpone the move in date, imagine that. The painting is not done, the cabinets are due to arrive on 6/4, and the carpet can't be done until the painting is done. We are hoping next week is the week to move. Anyone feel like packing?

D and P have both started Prozac this week to help them with their depression. P shuts down anytime she has to deal with something to the point she is not progressing with therapy. D cries all the time and does not function doing this. She also told the Psychiatrist she wished she was dead. Several of my kids say this but I am not sure they actually know what this means. A and A both see her next week and I am hopeful she can do something about my son's violent temper and rages.

The Attachment Therapist finally came out today and left fairly quickly saying we were too much for her. She is going back to her office to get her supervisor to take over our family. It is what we had hoped for but still, you don't like to hear we are too much. She thinks we need to have several different sessions going, some attachment, individual, and family therapy. Some will be at out home and the attachment will be in the office.

P flipped out last night and it was pretty scary. Her chore was the culprit. If only she did not have to do her share of the housekeeping, she wouldn't have to threaten me. HA!


Anonymous said...

Risperdol has been an absolute LIFE SAVER at our house for tantrums and outburts, and a bit for impulse control.

You might want to suggest it :)


Fostermama said...

Wow, that is a little hard to hear. Hopefully this means that you will have someone more seasoned working with your little ones.
Good luck with the packing I don't envy you! After every move I say I'm never doing it again because I hate packing up all the crap I've acquired.