Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane.............

Tomorrow!!!! I am going to meet some folks from my 2 favorite adoption forums for Mikestock! I can not believe I am going. I really can't believe I am spending so much money on myself. The kids had a therapy session trying to deal with my leaving for 4 days. I should worry about their feelings but I don't. They will all be fine. I have told them my schedule a million times. I have planed fun things for them to do while I am gone. Their father is here to take care of them and he is the fun one so I am sure they will all survive.

I have been really good to my DH, he will only have the older 3 girls over the weekend. My sister will be here when the kids get home from school both Thursday and Friday. The twins will be going to my MIL's tonight and returning Sunday. Emma and my son will be joining them Friday night for the weekend.

I will be completely out of touch!!!! I gave them the hotel number but I will not be there, LOL.


Blah Blah Biddy Blog said...

W00t!! Wish I could join you guys, I know it's going to be a blast.

Have a great time!


Fostermama said...

Yeah for you! I hope you have fun!

Mongoose said...

Wow, how empowered of you! LOL I hope you have an awesome time. You're right - the kids will be fine. And it's great you have enough people in your life to have sitters for seven kids for four days! I'd have to hire professionals. :)

Have a great time!