Friday, May 11, 2007

Cheerleaders and Soccer

My agency is more than great. They are paying for my kids to go to cheerleading and soccer camps this summer. My kids have never been able to join any team sports or activities so this will be very interesting. My oldest 3 girls (B, D, and P) will be gone for a week to cheerleading camp each in their own group. I anticipate an issue with P and D. P is extremely shy and does not warm up easily or very well and D is not able to follow directions w/o lots of one step instructions. This will be great for them b/c they can try it for a week and decide if they like it. E and A will go 2 weeks later to cheerleading camp together b/c both are 5. My son and C (has Cerebral Palsy) have chosen to go to soccer camp. This will be so fun to watch b/c my son gets very angry and does not follow directions well and C runs hysterically due to her leg braces. I believe she will keep up for the most part but she will sleep very well at night. Too bad I couldn't coordinate them all on the same week. They are over the moon, they think they will be real cheerleaders after this one week of practice. Who am I to ruin it for them? Did I mention not one of my children has an ounce of coordination or rhythm in them.


Blah Blah Biddy Blog said...

I think that's so cool about your kids going to camp! Awesome!

Something that just occurred to me though, since you say your kids have coordination problems-do you have a community center or something that offers Tai Chi? You could all do it as a family since it's so gentle, it would probably help their coordination, and they'll think it's cool because they'll be learning a 'martial art'... but there are no aggressive moves in it until it's extremely advanced-it's very meditative.


Mongoose said...

You know, I never noticed until now that you have three five-year-olds. That's some pretty high-speed baby-making. 8-O

Tudu said...

I will look into Tai Chi, they need something and OT is great but they need some activities this summer.

Mongoose, E is from our first adoption and she is not biologically related to the sib group. I only have three the same age for a half of a year.

Mongoose said...

Oh, ok. That makes sense. :) For some reason I had assumed that your oldest was the one from your first adoption.