Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Hate IEP Meetings

They suck really bad. I had thought I was immune to the issues I hear others talk about. I felt I had a good relationship with most of the teachers. I was wrong. The Spec Ed teacher works with P and A and has not properly done her job all year. There is no communication between us about her homework. In fact, she stopped bringing it home months ago never to begin again b/c the teacher just doesn't have it together.

SHe and I discussed on the phone a few weeks ago that both P and A needed to be moved to a self contained LD class. Then in the meeting she claims this can not be done. A needs to struggle harder in a regular 1st grade class next year and I am supposed to tell the new school that I want him moved. P will not be able to handle a 4th grade class due to severe issues with reading, she has only just begun. We have seen such huge progress with D in a small setting that I really think this is the answer for both A and P. The teachers all agree but claim their hands are tied. So their solution is to set my kids up for a definite failure and hope they address it properly.

I was handed the IEP to sign and I refused. I had explained in a calm voice for the millionth time, I completely disagree with this plan. They will be forcing my children to change schools again between 9 and 12 weeks after they start the new school. This is guaranteed b/c the new school does not have an LD classroom. My children do not do well with change, in fact, I had to really talk them into moving all b/c they did not want to change schools. I had to promise this would be it. They love the house and agreed.

I contacted the District coordinator for Spec Ed in my county and she knew right away what I was told was wrong. We had been told the reason they can't place them in an LD class is b/c their eligibility was EBD not LD. Children can not be cross placed. This is not true and the school has been improperly trained to believe this. This lady is working on a resolution meeting to clear this up. She was blown away at the idea of having my children after being tossed around in fostercare for 5 years were just to deal with their incompetency. I loved her! She said these children will be placed at day one in the proper class and school. YEAH!!


Mongoose said...

Rock on! Good on you for getting her done right. :)

Fostermama said...

I'm so glad that you found an advocate to help you with this! I sometimes think that fighting for appropriate services is one of the hardest jobs we have as parents.