Friday, May 18, 2007

M. A. D.

It is a little early in the game to have a definite name picked out but.....
Malcolm Alexander D%^&*(# is what my friend, my DH and I are thinking. He will be called Xander. My DH loves the initials and my friend's father always went by the name his initials spelled out so she really likes it. It is at the top of the list for now. I wish I knew how to post pictures of the ultrasound, maybe I will try later.


Mongoose said...

That's cute. :) My last name starts with F so when He and I were trying to have kids I suggested that if we had a boy we'd name him William Taylor F. Just for the initials. :)

Blah Blah Biddy Blog said...

I love both names, so I'm totally on board with this, and love the intials, too. Not that my opinion matters though!!

Xander-Love that name, but does that make you a Buffy fan, too?