Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Day in the Life

I am back and had a really great time. The people were amazing, funny, and inspiring. They scared me and gave me hope for my children at the same time.

I flew into Chicago and rented a car to drive to South Bend, IN. My hotel was scary! Everyone else was ok with it but I was the one with the prostitute upstairs dealing drugs and up all night. I could hear everything and I was too scared to look out. The bed was as hard as a rock and I am used to a memory foam bed, not so much their fault but an issue for me. The first night I think I pinched a nerve and spent the rest of the trip trying to hide my severe back pain. Two of them were nice enough to escort me to the doctor for meds but I was afraid to take them b/c they make me tired and loopy.

Our lovely host has offered to do this every year and I am so looking forward to the next one. My dh really needs to join me next time.

I came back to a trashed house and the crap being literally thrown at me. I guess they missed me. My son and D have been throwing a huge fit since they stepped in the door and even hollered at the OT. They have changed my name to Mother Fucker and I am refusing to answer to anything else. The rest of the children have been renamed Asshole by them. I am hoping to take the sting out of the names and curse words by forcing them to call me that for a bit. I gotta say it is better than Fucking Cunt which is what my son preferred to call me for the last year every time he got mad. They can scream all night, shoot all week and the trip was still worth it.

E has an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow and I am taking her so I can find out if it is a boy or a girl. I know we will love and adore whatever it turns out to be but I sure would like to even things up a bit around here. Please let it be a boy!! A nice healthy boy that loves to sleep at night and eat all his vegetables. But I love all the pink stuff at the store so I guess I really don't care that much.

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Mongoose said...

Glad you had a good time! And yeah, it sounds like that's your kids' way of telling you they missed you. :)